Apple’s iPhone 6S Comes With Sharper Camera, Touch-Sensitive Screen & Faster Touch Sensor

On September 9, 2015, Apple has announced an array of new products at an event as usually the company wants to promote its latest iPhone. The whole event was completely jam-packed with many new advanced features, but the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus have caught the attention. Here, you can find in-depth information about the new iPhones that you should know.

A12-Megapixel Camera With 4K Video –

Finally, the iPhone 6S’s camera has got a mega upgrade with a 12-megapixel iSight camera and a two-tone flash. By increasing the pixels, the detail in photos has been improved; however, Apple also claims that the image quality won’t be tainted, so all appreciation to new technology such as deep trench isolation that divides the photo diodes to maintain right colors and limit noise. When it comes to a sensor, it has 50% more pixels and 50% more focus pixels to make auto focus quicker.

At the event, the company showed a lot of images that taken using the iPhone 6S, and it also guaranteed the people that none was restored. With the all new panorama shot, it has been experienced how bigger the panoramas can be. The all new iPhone 6S shoots 4K video too – while you are not capable of realizing all the extra pixels, viewing videos on the phone’s sub-4K screen.

A12-Megapixel Camera

Apple has also thought about its selfies cam as it comes with a 5-megapixel front-facing camera and a “true-tone” flash. The main display of the phone will be lighted up to produce an accurate “flash” which matches the colors the camera sees. This is the reason why flash doesn’t wash out your face in the selfie.

However, there is one new feature that known as Live Photos basically performs like the moving pictures in Harry Potter: You can touch the photo and it will move. However, the live pictures can have sounds. For just a few seconds, the camera extends the capture mode, so you can see them move. However, you are also capable of using live photos as wallpaper on your Apple watch.

3D Touch –

The all new 3D Touch on the Apple has enabled users to take multitouch experience to the new level by adding a third dimension: pressure. It is one type of like Force Touch on the Apple Watch, but with extraordinary features of the iPhone and different levels of pressure.

Apple has named it as “3D Touch”. With a little and light press on the screen, you can bring up a preview content, whether it is an image, itinerary or a website. If you are constantly pressing, you will enter the content that you have selected. It enables you to dip in and out of where you are currently without losing context. As per the company, there is no need to jam down on the screen such as you do on the Apple Watch.

In the back portion of the display, capacitive sensors measure microscopic changes in a distance between the glass and sensors. It also makes use of the accelerometer to determine pressure levels with more accuracy.

 3D Touch
The company also showed a demo of 3D touch in action with Mail and iMessage applications. From the bottom of the screen for actions, you can easily flick-up such as forward, send and more. However, 3D touch is also working with applications on your home screen to bring instant actions; therefore, if you are taping on the phone application, you can see your desired contacts.

In order to access features that you are using more, you do not have to actually enter an application. It will bring up emergency selfies mode if you are tapping on the camera. Certainly, it works with Apple apps, but other third-party applications are getting a feature like Dropbox, WeChat, Facebook and Instagram.

Design is all same –

Apple chose to keep the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus’s physical design the same; however, it offers a rose gold aluminum finish along with the silver, gold and gray versions. Moreover, the all new iPhones are made up from the 7000 series aluminum that was used on the Apple Watch.

Faster A9 Processor, Hey Siri & More

The all new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus are powered by the A9 64-bit processor that brags a new transistor architecture for improved energy efficiency. Apple says that it is 7% faster than the A8 at CPU tasks and 90% quicker at graphics tasks than the A8. An onboard M9 co-processor is always there to track steps and other fitness metrics. The iPhones are supporting LTE advances, therefore, it must be twice as fast, and Apple is supporting 23 frequency bands.

Faster A9 Processor,

Release Date & Price –

When it comes to talking about the price and release, Apple is going to sell the iPhone 6S for $200 and the iPhone 6S Plus for $300 with two-year contracts. Typical installments will begin from at $27 per month for iPhone 6S and $31 per month for the iPhone 6S Plus. Both new phones will come out on 25th September in various countries.

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Image source: digitaltrends
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