2015’s 7 Biggest Announcements At Google I/O

Google’s I/O 2015 keynote was not that much flashiest. There are numerous of products that the company has that even with a two-and-a-half run-time of the shows a bit short. There is not a single particular announcement stacked-out.
However, it doesn’t mean that the company has not introduced something important as Google has introduced the completely new platforms, new features for Android and updates to Android Wear.
Below, you can find 7 biggest announcements that the company has made at Google I/O. These are the major announcements that deserve your attention:

Android Pay faces off with Apple Pay

With Google Wallet, Google was the very first company to the mobile payments; however, proposal languished. Well, the company is trying to make a second attempt with Android Pay. Although fundamentally the same as Wallet, Pay adds new features such as fingerprint verification, additional credit card partnership, secure transaction tokenization.

Improved Android Permissions

Earlier, Android devices have handled permissions by showing them all up-front when a device is installed. This information has overwhelmed the users, but motivating them to click through before they completely understand. Android M will combat this unique permission, which appears only as required; in any case if a selfie application wanted to access your camera.

Android Dozes off

We all know that from the beginning, android devices have consumed huge power as compare to iOS hardware in sleep mode; however, Google thinks that it has a solution. In Android M, the all new featured that known as Doze mode will be shown and this new feature will uniquely set a device into deeper and deeper states based on the last time the device was used.
In order to decide that when it was, Android will rely on more than the last time the screen was active. It also came to know that it will use motion detection to tell when a device is being left unattended. However, doze will also decrease how often Android updates background data while long periods of inactivity. By up to two times, Google says this will reduce sleep power use.

Google Now on Tap

Google’s best and latest addition to its virtual assistant Now on Tap that is specially designed to enhance now’s ability to respond to context by analyzing what’s now on an Android device’s screen. For instance, if you are looking for an email, now it will be able to bring-up related information. It will show you with movie times and other information if it is a movie date suggestion from any friend.
Along with it, this new feature also has ability to more natural questions by comprehending the context of what’s on your display.

New Photos Application with Unlimited Free Storage

In the family of Google offerings, photos are the latest, which started with Picasa. The company is mainly focusing on organization, offering advanced zoom and sorting features to make pictures easier to search. However, users can also find an automated video editor, which helps to develop highlight reels of your adventures.

Using Maps in the back-country

If you have data connection, Maps is an extremely useful. However, it is an ironical fact that often the moment you require a map the most is the same moment you don’t have data. Well, Google is working hard to change it with an offline version of Map, which will comprise turn-by-turn directions.
Along with it, this high-end feature is extremely useful for people, who lack access to a reliable, high-bandwidth data plan, and the company also said that its targeting markets are China, India and Brazil.

Cardboard Gets Better

At the conference, cardboard received some love as the all new cardboard VR headset comes with a new design, which makes gathering a lot easier and grip phones with screens up to 6inches. There is good news for iPhone 6 Plus users as the support for iOS is being included.
However, another feature is Expeditions that is a joint VR tool, which can be used beside up to 30 Cardboard headsets. Moreover, it also enables viewers to take virtual locales and show areas of interest. Google has developed voyage with the classroom, but it is a lot simple to imagine how it could carry over to other areas.
So, these are the top seven announcements that everyone should know and get huge information about the plans of the company.
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Image source: digitaltrends.com
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