BlackBerry To Give More Native App Experience for BBM on iOS & Android

“BlackBerry has decided to redesign its BBM application for both iOS and Android platforms, giving both versions a new look and feel so that users can get a pleasant  experience. To get more information on the details on when the company will redesign the apps, continue reading this blog.”

Recently, Blackberry’s President ‘John Sims’ answered questions about the future of the Blackberry Messenger (BBM) platform at the BlackBerry Security Summit in New York. The president says that the User Interface (UI) of the application would get a redesign for both the Android and iOS operating systems, so users can experience a new look and feel regardless of what type of device they are using.

Moreover, he also affirmed that in the past, BlackBerry management felt that BlackBerry Messenger required to have a consistent look and feel for users, but this is not the view detained by current leaders in the company.

By the time 2013 was over, both the versions have added more than 40 million registered users to the total BBM population. While responding to the question, the president Sims said “he disagreed with previous management, who felt that the BBM should have the same look across the platforms.”

He also said “The BBM app for iOS and Android do not look and feel same on both the platform, even the company has taken the design cues more from the native BBM client that runs on Blackberry 10.”
BlackBerry To Give More Native App Experience for BBM on iOS & Android

Mentioning about the new BBM application for Windows Phone, Sims said that the app designed for the Windows Phone environment in such way so that its familiar as well as contented for users of Microsoft’s mobile OS. Sims also said that the same should also hold true for the iOS and Android versions.

According to N4BB, Sims said “The BBM experience on the iPhone and Android "needs to be more of a native app experience. You can expect to see that manifest itself in our Android and iPhone BBM apps."

While answering the question, he did not share any information on when BBM will undergo a redesign for iOS and Android. Gradually, Blackberry is adding more and more features to both the versions, but the apps; however, apps have gone 10 months without any interface changes. At this stage, giving a new look and feel is one of the top most priorities on the BlackBerry’s list.

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