5 Wonderful Mobile Development Tools for Building Cross-Platform Apps

Mobile applications writing through various cross-platforms development tools refer an excellent technique that uses a single code for building apps for multiple OSs. Android, iOS, etc. operating systems are structurally different in their architecture and thus, it causes a big trouble for developers to create apps for such products.

Code is encouraged by Google and Apple in contradicting ways that make it difficult for programmers to write unique code for both platforms. That simply means developers have to code duplicate to keep tweaking it to work for Apple as well iOS.

For such reasons, the requirements for Cross platform development is increasing. In this post, we have collected some effective and easy-to-use cross-browser tools that help developers to create flexible apps.

Whoop platform is appropriate for people, who have some idea about the technicalities. This platform is best for beginners and for those, who is looking for beta versions of their projects. Whoop comes with a WYSYWIG interface that allows developers to drop app elements and tweak the code from the task bar. Available for free, Whoop works excellent with Symbian, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Android, iPhone, and other major mobile OS’s.

Xmarin is a C#-based platform that allows writing code for iOS and Android and compiled differently during the deployment. Users can call native API’s in the resulting application by Xmarin. Moreover, before compiling, this platform allows to execute code on a .NET framework and provide a native language of either iOS or Android.

5 Wonderful Mobile Development Tools for Building Cross-Platform Apps
RhoMobile is used for developing applications that work on different mobile platforms. This application comes with sharp compatibility with the advanced features of mobile gadgets that also developed native apps for Symbian, Android, Windows Mobile, iOS and RIM. Developers are allowed to code only centrally and can available with support for budding developers.

PhoneGap is an award-winning development platform that used for handling applications for Blackberry, iPhone, Android, Symbian, Palm, and iPads. This platform delivers easy access to advanced hardware components like the accelerometer and GPS tracker to developers as it is based on distributed systems technologies and web shortcuts like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS3. Apart from, free training is also given by the PhoneGap crew to willing developers that create excellent technology that embracing for the absolute beginner.

MoSync is one of the most advanced tools for creating cross-platform applications. It is available with a standard development kit that includes libraries for common technologies that used to create a good shape of the web. One of the best things about this tool is it allows to run apps to Android, iOS, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Linux Mobile, and iPad platforms easily. MoSync supports Python, Ruby, JavaScript, C/C++, PHP, and Java.

We know cross-platform mobile apps are in huge demand to target audience for different platforms and operating system and thus, here we come up with different Cross platform Development tools.

If you know how to access such tools and want to develop cross-platform apps for your business then hire mobile application developers from us to enjoy robust application for diverse platforms and operating systems. Get more details about cross platfom serviecs from here: http://www.mobiletechforce.com/cross-platform-app-developer/
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