5 Wonderful Ways to Make Money on Your iPhone Applications

Day-by-day, the mobile app's market is constantly booming as more than three billion app downloads have been stated from Apple's iTunes app store and monthly sales of upwards of $200 million.

However, it is also true that everybody like designers and programmers is not developing apps for just entertain. Development of high-end and fully professional apps is a business, and it is essential that you earn money.

But the thing is that the competition is very high as Apple says that it receives more than 8500 and 10000 app submissions every single week. It is powerful competition even for professional media and game designers. But with different options obtainable for monetization, which technique you are going to adopt for your application?

To make profitable application, there are lots of things that should be considered along with having a great idea. It is good to be clear from the monetization model from beginning as it will be helpful for you to prove that your customers are inclined to pay to solve the problem you have identified.

Here, I have listed some of the best and easy ways to make money on your iPhone apps, so let's have a look:

Developing an Innovative App That Gets Approval -

Innovative App

As an app developer, everyone wants to be in the action, but you have two big problems. The first one is to develop an application that gets a favorable review upon the submission to the Apple iTunes App Store. And the second one is to promote your app so that it breaks through the multitude and sells wonderfully.

As we all know that there are various negative hypes concerning the first problem; nevertheless, developers say that getting their application approved is not the battle that made out to be.

When it comes to talking about the Apple's standard for applications, the company has restricted some pornographic content, and the company also believes in approving only those applications that are not improving the iPhone experience or already existing features. But if it is talking about fresh and innovative content, lots of applications are promptly approved.

Promoting Your Application

 Promoting Your Application

Once your application has been approved, and it is appearing on the list for selling in the iTunes App Store, the next thing you have to do is get customers to download it. Reaching to the top-selling category is a great thing to boost sales, but initially, you must have huge sales to reach the category. Luckily, the process that will help you to gain exposure is in your hands, and Apple features new applications regularly.

What you have to do to win over Apple's support? It is true that good design plays a very important role. When it comes to looking good, it is the matter of solid design. You should enlist a designer, who helps you to develop the interface a user can experience and the logos and screen shots, which show on the Apple iTunes App Store. Only a potential purchaser can lineal, so it is important to remember to boost its impact and importance.

Along with the design of your application, being polished means being technically knowledgeable. If you are developing an application by yourself, you may think to consider bringing on a programmer, who has expertise in Objective-C to help you out in your work.

You may also have to consider giving your application the full batter of beta testing as it requires before you make a submission. If you want to test it in an affordable way, you can distribute it among your friends and request feedback. You remember that – without smooth functionality; your application will be nothing.

Investing Your Existing Business

Are you already running a business? Application development or multiple apps development to boost the client's experience is the best chance for you. A lot of times,  small businesses are already filling a niche and can also do so when their client is on the move.

See this post: http://mobiletechforce.blogspot.in/2015/02/4-ways-content-rich-mobile-application.html

Let's take an example – Yelp, an online reviewing website. It is an iPhone application that not only offers its standard customer-reviews, but it is also providing a tap into GPS that enables a user to look for close businesses.

Show That You Have

 Show That You Have

If your application is appearing in the App Store marketplace, visibility is crucial to profitability. If you get yourself into the App Store's top 100 – much less top 10 – list, it is a great option to see sales rise. If it is not working with you, you can begin with small. You can develop an audience from the ground-up. Have a look on some of the tips:

 - Render pre-release buzz – Make sure to have a website up and running before your application even launches. You can ensure that the information plays a very significant role for any interested parties. Obtainable social networking you and your company can make use of beneficial in generating buzz too.

 - Plan For Cross-app Promotion – Developing in promotions for a new product is extremely easy way to get its name to customers, who like your work if you have existing apps. To enhance sales, in-game advertising is not the only solution, but it is more than a way of developing a tail for your products' sales.

Enter a Contest

 Enter a Contest

New York City has invited developers and programmers to slam through their data and develop urban apps. The city is looking forward to hoping to spur technological creation as the city is offering $20,000 in prizes.

For all the programmers and developers, it was not a small thing, it was a big thing not because of cash prize, but for exposure. All the people from politicians to venture capitalists were started taking their note when the prize winners were declared.

However, if you are the member of any tech or academic community, talking about panel or holding events that can discuss innovation in your field can be perfect thing in your ideal audience.

So, these are some of the simple ways to make money on your iPhone application.

Moreover, if you are also looking forward to getting an assistance from any professional, you can hire experienced iPhone app developers, who has skills in developing iPhone apps. 

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