9 Excellent Android OS’s Quality That Increase Developers Demand in the IT World

Millions of devices are powered by Android in more than 190 countries around the globe. With this, we can suppose that Android is one of the biggest development platforms, and most of the developers have desired to work on it. Every day, millions of users are activating android device for the first and searching for the best applications, games, etc. to boost its capabilities.

9 Excellent Android OS’s Quality

The launch of iPhone 6 can’t minimize the fact of Android app developers are real game changers, who have won the race of mobile application development and play an important role in contributing in the growth chart. Android programmers have ability to bring the best from the waste while iOS developers are lacking behind due to innovation.

There are many reasons of that, among them the one should be advantages offered by android platform to its developers. Apart from, some are:

Android Is An Open Source

Android Is An Open Source
Android App Development is an open-source that delivers excellent flexibility to change the operating system according to the developers convenience. The Linux OS is used by android and thus, the developer just has to install in on his/her computer in order to view the source code, understand its assessment and change it later consequently. The android platform offers the freedom that loved by android game developers and thus, they are creating more creative ideas daily.

Android delivers Better integration facility
Some of you have an idea that Android is blessed with more open system and excellent app integration alternatives compared to an iPhone. Google led the operating system works like a benefit as Google Maps, Gmail, Google Docs, and other native applications that used by people to run Android smoothest.

Android’s Open Nature Allows Manufacturers to Create Bespoke Devices
One of the best features of Android is its open nature allows hardware manufacturers and developers to create changes to the core software of the oprating system. It is an excellent for companies to custom Android platform at a mean time for environments and industries.

Rich With Multimedia Capabilities
The multimedia capabilities of the Android operating system, ranging from media transfer to multimedia streaming. Additionally, other advantages like tethering, massive external storage capability, Multi language support, multitasking, etc. are also enjoyed by Android users. The chance of getting bored is less while operating this kind of OS.

Productivity Benefits Offered by Customizable UI
We all know that Google has been working hard to make the Android’s UI more flexible and customizable. To make flexible Google has added a collection of customizable widgets. Such widget can be put anywhere on the Android user interface and can deliver you dynamic updates and shortcuts in a wide range of productivity-focused services such as calendar, email and social media feeds.

Excellent Security 

Excellent Security

Android OS is one of the securest platforms as compare to others. The best thing is Android’s apps need authorization to access different phone resources such as network, installation and memory. Before anyone installs an Android application, its operating system decides different types of resources that needed for a particular application.

This allows users to install an application that has trusted circumstances. Additionally, users also get advantages from the security applications that are developed by third parties with an aim to thrive internet malware.

All phone’s privacy operated on the Android OS has been provided a boost and users, mainly get advantages from this as they have the ability to follow other users under mutual agreements. This operating system has integrated with sync operations that allow users to backup vital data like contacts, passwords, media, and so on. 

In case, your phone will steal, you can delete your data from the remote servers. This feature works remarkably when it comes to track misplaced devices. It allows users to track and get know the location of their misplaced gadgets.

Easy To Operate 

Easy To Operate

There is no doubt that Android is highly appreciated among users due to its easy-to operating quality. Even, this operating system is less likely to crashing that makes excellent for novice as well as experienced users to access the application. Android platform also provides lists of the other advantages of developers as well as users such as:
  • Delivering an outstanding social networking integration
  • Offers support for multiple cameras
  • Provides Updates In A Timely Manner
  • Supports 2D and 3D Graphics
  • Allows easy and cost effective customization
  • Provide An Option To Share Photos After Taking Them
  • Provides Improved Power Management and Application Control
  • Supports 3PG, MP4, MIDI and MPEG4.
  • Offers Java Support
  • Gives Better Notifications
  • Supports Video Calling
Android app development is made special by Google SDK. Developers get this kit that allowing them to develop applications to test before testing it over the device. It helps to search and fix bugs easy and faster.

Developers can get list of advantages when they are adopting android development service. It encourages them to design the exceptional well application solution and thus, they become the real game changes of the IT industry. 

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