5 Wrong Assumptions about Mobile Application Development

Developing effective mobile application is one of the toughest works for developers. There are many businesses develop inappropriate applications due to the complexity of mobile app development. And thus, the only option of adopting Mobile development services is remaining. 

Although you have hired mobile developers for your app development project, you will find yourself in the trap of misconceptions or misunderstandings about mobile app creation that lead into bad development.

For you, here we have provided a list of wrong assumptions regarding mobile app development that you should avoid while developing apps for your business.

Wrong Assumption 1 - Business apps data is heavy that loads backend systems and handsets.

Reality – According to the Geeknado’s report, 5,114 MB per month in cellular data will be used by 4G Smartphones by 2017 whereas 5,387 MB per month by the same year is set to enhance by tablet usage. That simply means here we are pushing tablet and cellular data by 292 % and 556%, respectively. 

5 Wrong Assumptions about Mobile Application Development

It is truth that best mobile platforms take huge data from the backend and transmit a small. Furthermore, it filters the data to minimize data transmission demands. Mobile app developers just have to find a solution that limits the data’s size for each app to minimum 1 MB.

Wrong Assumption 2 - App Can Be Developed Quickly

Reality – Whether you are developing a simple app or complex one, it takes several weeks to complete. Don’t expect that your application will launch the next day and you will earn after week from it. Developing application without researching can lead to faults and poor marketing.

Wrong Assumption 3 - Web-Based Apps Deliver Same User Experience like Native Apps

Reality – There are people thinking HTML5 is best for mobile application development. Customized user experiences can be provided by a Native application with HTML5 in an essential technology. A native device features such as accelerometer, GPS, and camera are integrated with it. 

Ensure that mobile development platform have offline data storage and enable to create native apps that can easily integrating with operating system and hardware.

Wrong Assumption 4 - Once App is built, the work is over

Reality – We know developing mobile application is one of the most complex tasks. But, remember your work is not done once your application is complete and running. Before release, you have to test it carefully for effectiveness, user-friendliness and bugs. 

Until you want to achieve success then you have to develop a strategy for promoting the application among your potential users. Otherwise, the chances of downloading are less than you have expected.

Wrong Assumption 5 - Promotion Means Spending Money:

Reality – Paying money for promotion is one of the easiest ways to make an application popular but it is not an effective one. Popularity and growth come by from developing product and making downloader happy. 

Success of the application is based on the word of mouth and users likely to support a product that stands out from others. Marketing doesn’t give you user’s retention, it only provides download numbers.

Do you think avoiding these wrong assumptions results into better development? We are also. Let’s work for you together and build a robust mobile application as per your idea. Hire mobile developer from us with flexible pricing and enjoy better solution at committed time.
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