Apple's New iPhone 6 – 15 Features You Love to Know

Apple's new iPhone 6 will lands on September 17, 2014 with a collection of marvelous features. Do you want to know what features they are? Read this post and get detailed information about latest iOS 8 features.
Okemo, better known as iOS 8, was announced by Apple on June 2, 2014 with its first developer beta version at WWDC 2014. Beta 2, the latest beta was available on June 17 and it is confirmed that iOS publicly available from September 17, 2014.
The latest iOS has some marvelous features that surely WOW the users. It comes with tighter Mac integration while loosening the restrictions on Apple's Touch ID fingerprint sensor. Its latest kits provide fragmented security and health gadgets together. Other than this, there are many features come with iPhone 6, let’s check out what they are:
Grayscale mode
Now, a ‘grayscale’ option is offered by the Accessibility that gives a black and white hue to the entire operating system.
Send multiple pictures at a time
Users can see a preview of up to 20 recent photos by just tapping on the keyboard’s camera icon. This feature provides you an option to choose different photos at the same time.
iCloud Drive
Have you tried to save PDF from an email on your iPhone? It seems your iOS device doesn’t have a native file system. There is good news as iCloud Drive offers you a cloud-storage service that seems like Dropbox, Box or Google Drive. Moreover, it is supportable with Windows but not Android.
Contacts on apps screen
According to Apple, it wasn’t used an entire space on the apps screen that seems when users double-click the home button. One can see a strip of the most recent contacts along the top above the app running. It seems another welcome convenience.
Full-featured Safari
We know that Safari got a huge upgrade in iOS 7 and iOS 8 also has a surprise for Safari. Now, users can have more flexibility in private browsing that enable regular and private tabs separately. DuckDuckGo, which is one of the best privacy-preserving substitutes to Google, supports as search engines and can easily request the desktop version of any site.
Apple's New iPhone 6 – 15 Features You Love to Know
New Siri features
Siri is all time favorite features that always listening in iOS 8. Even if the iPhone is in inactive mode, Siri wakes up if you just say "Hey Siri". Just you have to be plugged the phone into power for this as it indicates Apple seems it as a hands-free solution for four-wheelers.
One of the best things about Siri is it identifies songs with the built-in Shazam integration. Now, forget to launch apps and hold down your iPhone's home butt to search out your favorite music.
TouchID for apps
A fingerprint reading mainstream is taken by Apple with the TouchID sensor in the iPhone 5S. Moving forward, Apple jas now open up that level of convenience to iOS application developers that enable users to unlock any password stored in their keychain just by putting their finger on the reader. It seems to be more convenient than Lastpass app logins on Android
Interactive Notifications
Great news!! Now, users don’t have to launch Messages for sending a single word message. Just you have to pull down on the banner and type your reply- then continue with your other work. We also have interactive notifications on the lock screen. Reply/Dismiss buttons will be unveiled by swiping an alert to the left that allows you to do without unlocking your device.
New camera features
The camera in this latest iOS 8 comes with a couple of more options such as time-lapse capture for video, a three-second timer and so on. Here, Apple likes to keep its interface simple as compare to other devices. The latest camera comes with focus and exposure controls.
iCloud Photo Library
The last 1,000 photos are stored by iCloud from your iOS devices without charging any amount. An upgrade to iCloud Photo Library is possible with iOS 8 that instantly upload all iPhones/iPad photos and videos to iCloud.
Family Sharing
Family Sharing allows you to merge Apple IDs of different users and users can share all content they've downloaded from iTunes. Users can be designated 6 family members. It delivers excellent solutions for those parents, whose kids are downloading paid apps on their parents' credit cards.
New keyboard(s)
In iOS 8, the keyboard gets an upgrade through predictive typing that gives you many alternatives for next word as you type. According to Apple, the implementation of upgrading is impressive as it learns what you want to say to your various colleagues and friends.
Battery usage indicator
Users have problem with iPhone is it drains battery fast. To solve problem, iOS 8 comes with a way to check exactly what applications and functions are using most of the battery. According to that guidance, one can change their settings or uninstall the right apps to maximize their battery.
Share your location in Messages
Now, it becomes possible to share your location directly through Messages in iOS 8. For that, you just have to choose ‘Send My Current Location’ option and a mapped image that you want to sent to the recipient.
Easily recover deleted photos
A view is opened when the preview icon at the bottom of the screen in the camera app is tapped. It allows recovering deleted photos with an ease. One can only have to clear this menu by simply emptying the ‘Recently Deleted’ album in the Photos app.
These are some excellent features that you will find in latest iOS 8. If you want to know more about this upcoming device, then let us know through comment section. If you are looking to hire application developer for mobile application then contact mobile tech force.
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