6 Wonderful Tech Survivals Where Past & Future Both Merges

There were lots of tech products that are not seen anymore because of the existence of modern technology. In this blog, I have listed 6 wonderful tech survivals where past and future meets, so go through it and share your views on it!

With the invent of new and modern technology products, old tech products are not used by people as everyone has the curiosity to grab new products in their hands and feel the modernity of it.

However, there are some wonderful tech survivals where past and future technology meet and give something very unique to people. Let’s have a look on 6 different tech survivals that still serve people exceptionally:

USB Cassette Mixtape:
 Currently, Milktape is one of the best cassette-shaped USB drive, which holds 128 MD or approximately 15 songs. So, if you are looking to give gifts to someone special, you can give to excellent USD drive by installing best memories in it. Moreover, you can also write, put stickers and draw anything on it and give to your near and dear ones as a gift.

6 Wonderful Tech Survivals Where Past & Future Both Merges

Typewriter Application for iPad:
For all the iPad users, Hanx Writer is a new yet highly effective typewriter application that is the most popular app on the iTunes store currently. This is all new application that has recreated the experience of a manual typewriter, but with the speed and easiness of an iPad. Now, users can experience this amazing iPad application and enjoy lots of other features as well.

Flip Phone iPhone Case:
Now, there is something for iPhone users as they can turn their device into an old-school flip phone. Yes, you read it correct as Turn your iPhone is the best retro flip phone case that is something from 1990s. Users of this case can press the antenna for sleep as well as wake function and it is fully compatible with iPhone 4/4S.

3D Printing Pen:
When it comes to 3D printing pen, in March 2013, it has raised more than $2.3 million on Kickstarter. 3Doodler is a highly demanding printing pan that can lift your imagination off the page. Users of this pen can easily hold this pen in their hands to draw their imagination. The best uses ABS plastic in order to draw in the air or on surfaces.

Retro Case for iPhone:
Now, iPhone users can easily combine the iconic look of an 80s handset with the hi-tech specs of this device. However, the brick cell phones have returned, so users can check this out that can turn their smart-phone into an iconic 1980s handset. It also works horizontally and vertically for your handset, so using this case for your iPhone is extremely unique.

Rotary Dialer Free App:
Now, you can easily turn rotary like the classic telephones from the 20th century as it is an original class and retro themed-dialer for your smart-phone that can help you turn rotary. It comes with different features like 2 realistic sound effects, 6 different themes/skins and more that make this application unique.

So, these are classic tech that still survives in the market and deliver a combination of old and modern features. Keep visiting our blog for more such latest and updated information on tech products.

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