Famo.us JavaScript Framework – A Best Framework to Develop HTML5 Apps

“Famo.us launched a public beta test of its JavaScript framework that allows developers to develop HTML5-powered mobile apps. Check-out this blog and get more information on this latest framework.”

Finally, Famo.us has launched a public beta test of its Javascript framework after three years of development. This all new framework enables all the developers to develop HTML5 powered mobile applications that are as quick as native applications. Moreover, the company has launched a few demos that show off the importance of its framework.

Below, you can find out a demo of Facebook’s Paper application that re-developed with Famo.us, built by a new employee of the company in a very short period of time.

When LinkedIn as well as Facebook postponed their striving HTML5 app plans, it looked like as most of the developers were ready to quit HTML5 applications. In fact, Famo.us’s founder ‘Steve Newcomb’ was also one of those HTML5 doubters, who were ready to give up on HTML5 apps.

In the year 2008, Newcomb Company has sold-out its natural language processing company ‘Powerset’ to Microsoft for $100 million. Ultimately, he made a decision to give importance to HTML5, although he thought it had some serious problems. Those serious problems led to an unexpected discovery that considered as the “original sin” of web browsers as per the Newcomb.

All the browsers are mainly relying on prehistoric depiction and graphics engines that restrict on the speed of applications. Initially, browsers were developed for simple text and images, and not only difficult web applications we are noticing today. Although, web standards have advanced and powerful and they still didn’t matched with abilities of native applications.

When it comes to Famo.us, it will be obtainable for free and open source; however, it is also planning to provide optional cloud services that developers can easily subscribe to. The company had planned to relaunched its website yesterday night so that the framework will be open-up for all.

Moreover, the framework has received 70000+ sign-ups for its private beta test; therefore the company is stimulating itself for a strong response to the beta test. Newcomb says, “People, who understand JavaScript adopt [Famo.us] within twenty minutes,” he also added, “Within a week, they can build a Twitter app with live data.”

Famo.us JavaScript Framework – A Best Framework to Develop HTML5 Apps

But, anyone has not thought of this before, but why? As per the Newcomb, he along with his co-founder named ‘Mark Lu’ were not web developers; therefore, they approached the HTML5 quandary in a different way. In the unreal 4 as well as Unity gaming engines, they were enthused by some techniques and technologies.

Newcomb also said, “You have to have a person with gaming, rendering engine, and physics experience. He continues, “If you take those people and ask them if they’re interested in fixing HTML5, nobody would do it. Only a very rare breed of person would go after it. The people in Famo.us are not traditional web engineers.”

More news are also murmuring in the air that the company is going to launch a service that allows developers get their apps into App stores. The all new service will be launched soon by the company and the service will turn the Famo.us into a competitor to PhoneGap that enables developers to build web apps and deploy them to App stores.

Additionally, he claims that the famo.us app deployment service will not influence the performance, but PhoneGap is such framework that is infamous for slowing down apps. Among lots of companies, Famo.us is one such company that begins HTML5 in upcoming years.

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