Apple’s iOS Applications to Run on Android Devices, Project Cider

"A group of US computer scientists have made supported software Cider that allows Apple apps to run on Android platform. Check-out this blog to get more information about it and you can also share your views through commenting below."

Finally, Android and Apple applications have been shown running on the same devices side-by-side and this is only possible because of US computer scientists, who have developed supported software.

No matter how much we debate about which smart-phone OS is the best or the most advanced, always there is Apple’s iOS on the first place that does have a bit of a benefit when it comes to applications. Now, Apple’s iOS application soon to run on Android devices as the software that is called Cider has been developed by postgraduate researchers at Columbia University.
Apple’s iOS Applications to Run on Android Devices, Project Cider
With Cider, users are allowed to mix and match the Android and iOS applications that they are loading on their phone or tablet. As per the research team of Cider, this software was only a prototype and that they had no plans to turn it into a commercial product.

A strong and experienced team of researchers said that they get on the project in order to develop Cider to get around the limitations, which smart-phone and tablet users are forced to accept. For example – they told in an academic paper about Cider that Android users are not able to get applications that call on media in Apple iTunes and iOS gadget owners are facing the problem while using Flash-based content.

According to researchers, the software may also allow people to use one gadget to access both. When it comes to get an application that is written for one OS to run on another, often involves a technique that known as virtualization. In order to avoid the performance problems that caused by virtualization, the Columbia researchers adopted a different method that comprises the core of the Android OS.

It is one such approach that works on the brook of instructions passing through an Android device and other alters only those that are related to iOS applications. However, some additional software helper can help in providing some specialized data those apps that need to work properly.

Researchers have also produced a demo video that shows both iOS as well as Android applications running on a Nexus 7 tablet. Isn’t it amazing? Moreover, some Apple applications that call on a phone’s camera, GPS system, Bluetooth perform weakly, so researchers are still working on this software so that they can fix the problems.

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