9 Essential Things You Must Knew While Hiring Mobile App Developers

Wait!! You are committing professional suicide. Are you thinking why I am telling so? Like you, more than half million of people are hiring mobile application developers without considering important aspects of development. According to the recent survey, it has been evaluated that more than half interest accesses done through smart device. So, if anyone doesn’t have a mobile app, he/she might have to hire mobile app developers to sort that out pretty soon.

It always makes sense to go for professional developers, but the question usually pops up is, “how does one search the perfect developer?” nothing is difficult to discover, not even experienced developer/company, however there are some essential 9 points that you should consider while hiring right person for mobile development task.

1. Take tour of developer work or portfolio

Portfolio portraits picture of Mobile Development Company. Going through portfolio section gives ideas regarding success of past mobile applications. Exploring the whole portfolio section, one can easily get to know whether or not company has experience in your work domain, i.e. similar application that you have sketch in your mind. 

Verifying each created application development is must by checking live work link on respective application store. Reading the testimonial reviews also provide better idea whether they’ve worked well on the client’s project or not.

2. Ask for client’s reference

Move ahead and ask for a list of past and current client reference. Start contacting referred client through mails or calls. It would be better to contact client, who is from your country to ask about developer’s technical ability, communication skill & concept understanding, deadline achievement, and ability to work under pressure. 

What other things you have to do is check developer’s social networking accounts of Facebook, Linkedin, etc. and sort members as former co-workers, colleagues, etc. Don’t be anxious to ask them whether their developers are responsive and helps them in timely manner or not.

3. Native App Or Mobile Web?

What's better? Native apps that you downloaded in your device and purposely for Android, iOS and other mobile platforms OR Mobile Web that resided on the Web and run across all devices and platforms. Ensure to clear this point in your mind before hiring professional for your mobile application development. 

Don’t ever fall in love with an idea, just concentrate on making money. If you are going with native development, you have to adopt Objective-C for iOS and Android SDK /Java for Android. Additionally, if you are choosing Web/Cross Platform then Titanium Appcelerator, HTML5 and PhoneGap are excellent options. 

What’s make both differ from each other is native development benefited you with speed and performance while cross-platform charges less and deliver advantages through multiple platforms. Some figures show that 22 % of developers only offer a web mobile application, which is half of a native application while 34% developers offer both types of application.

4. Hiring Pattern: Project based OR Dedicated hourly mobile development

A big trouble occurs when you are confused between two hiring options, i.e. Hire Company according to Project requirements or hire dedicated mobile developer on hourly basis. Giving an entire project to an experienced company provides advantages through get full package like experienced website designers, developers and testing team. 

It makes you tension-free as the whole things manage them only. On other side, if you are choosing a dedicated person, s/he can only work for particular phrase of mobile application development and you need to manage other related segment.

5. Sign NDA (Non Dis-closer Agreement)

Understanding your requirements is something that will be end with excellent outcome, but you have to ensure to make privacy between you and your mobile app developer. It is must to offer a NDA (non disclosure agreement) to developer to make your thought regarding development and other information related to it strictly confidential.

6. Application source (coding) ownership

Taking security of source code & app is must as many a time for monetary advantages Development Company may use your source code and copy your application. Make sure to own rights of source and all media file (design) and must to sign ownership documents from your developer for better security. Remember to collect full working source (files) after completing projects and make all rights & third-party selling authority in your favor.

7. Check Developer’s Testing Skills

Getting an application free from real-time comments, bugs, and crash reports makes you WOW!! As an owner of application, it is must to check or ask whether or not your developer is using live bug tracking system to check report online. Most importantly, you must check the time-frame of testing. 

Usually, there are many testing tools like W3C mobileOK Checker, FoneMonkey 5, Modify Headers, BlackBerry Simulator, etc. to test an application. However, some developers give explanation to users about an extensive beta test to dig out glitches. 

Moreover, they also give an idea how to fix bugs quickly, if any found. Always prefer to test your application on real devise on only emulators. Here I suggest few points that you can easily judge from emulator and mobile device testing.

Emulators Mobile Device
Functionality Device Variations (keyboards, screen size, etc.)
Usability issues, design Usability issues specific to device
User behavior Performance, resources, real world problems.

8. Check App Submission Ratio and After Development Support Time

The last and final stage of development is submitting mobile application to its respective App Store. You can also consider app submission ratio of company and verify number of applications that rank high in App Store. 

Usually, after completion of development, applications are submitted at App Store, it doesn’t mean that your contract is over with developer. As developers give support period of 15 days to 2 months once application is launched. In this period, developer to do bug fixes and features changes whenever it requires.

9. Mobile Development Cost And Payment Method

Generally, mobile development cost depends on the type of features you want to add in your application. However, it is must to check the total cost of development, whether it has any additional or hidden charges for any service or not. 

Moreover, you also have to discuss payment milestones as many companies charge some upfront amount as a deposit and remaining after 10-15 days or completing some part of project. There are some companies, who have their own payment policy, it would be best to check payment terms and payment methods before finalizing anything at all.

Most importantly, ask for some deliverable like codes, documents or other things related to development against payment. Moving towards payment methods, generally you have three effective methods of payments, i.e. Paypal, Bank Transfer and Escrow. 

No matter what type of method you adopt for payment, you just have to make sure to ask who will bear transaction cost, whether it includes in total cost or it will be payable by you.
Remember while hiring mobile application developers fall squarely on the developer’s shoulders to develop the finest application for business. Be very careful in your search and choose talented developers from experienced and reputed development companies as single application decides your business success.

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